Privacy and confidentiality of information

First: Privacy and confidentiality of information

The confidentiality of users' and visitors' information is a top priority, and the management of the site is making every effort to provide high quality service to all users. The privacy and confidentiality provisions below are part of the terms and conditions of use of the site. Marif does not collect personal information about visiting users or browsers of the site unless they choose specifically and knowingly to provide such information. business ", such as being on site, making a commercial or merchandise announcement through it, or making an enquiry about any of the aforementioned; In this case, such information is used only to achieve the desired purpose or in accordance with the "Terms and Conditions" of the Site are applicable to advertised users or recipients. The said use shall be deemed to be the consent of the User to be subject to these Privacy Terms and Conditions of Use. Users should constantly see the terms and principles of privacy and confidentiality of information to find out about any updates to them. The management of the website "Maref" is not required to advertise any updates to those terms and principles. Your use of the site means that you are informed of and agree to these terms and principles and their ongoing modifications. The owner of the site is not liable under any circumstances for any direct, indirect, accidental, consequential, private or exceptional damages arising from the use or inability to use the services and benefits offered by the "identifier" site.

Second: Security of personal information:

  • These provisions are prepared to help visitors and users understand the nature of the data collected from them when visiting the site and how to deal with it.
  • The management of the "Maref" website shall take appropriate and appropriate measures and measures to safeguard the information it has in a secure manner to ensure that it is protected from loss, unauthorized entry, abuse or unauthorized disclosure. The most important measures in place to this end include:
  • Strict procedures and measures to protect the security of information and technology used to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to our systems.
  • Regular and periodic updates of protection procedures and controls that meet or exceed standards.
  • Our employees are qualified.

However, the owner of an identifier site is not, in all cases, liable for the failure of any of the measures taken to protect or prevent the seizure or destruction of data by others, or for the failure or impairment of any of the measures mentioned for viruses or other malware.

Third: Collection of personal information:

  • Once the browser visits the "ID" site, the server of the site records its IP address, the date and time of the visit and the URL of any website from which the browser is referred to the site.
  • Once visited, an ID site will keep a small file on the hard drive of the visitor's device (browser), called "cookies", and the files in question are text-based and contain information that allows the site to retrieve it when needed during the browser visits following the site. These files are intended to speed up and facilitate browsing and reduce the need for information sharing, and from
  • Browser username and password.
  • Save page settings if available on the website (ID).
  • Save colors chosen by browser.
  • The possibility of voting is not available more than once for the same browser.
  • The browser (visitor) may not have to enter the password in each visit as the site system will be able to detect it through cookies stored on the browser device, and these files will prevent the browser from repeating the voting process. On this basis, an identifier website will use files "Cookies" and the information contained therein for special technical purposes and when visiting the website from the browser. The Site may change the range of information stored in the cookie files according to the advantages and applications it uses or develops from time to time and update that information periodically or when browser options or data (such as user name or any of its other options) change.
  • These data and the creation of their cookies are automatically harvested and updated from time to time as soon as the browser accesses the site or carries out the procedure resulting from the creation of the information, without direct interference with the browser or special notice or request from the site for this purpose.
  • The use of the data, information and files described in this item (item III) A decision up to a strictly technical and non-commercial term. The Website or the Owner will not share any information stored in cookies or any browser data relating to its IP address, visit date and time or URL of the website from which the browser has been converted into an identified site. Taking into account the owner's lack of liability

By providing the browser with his personal data and information through this website (identifier website), the portal of the Ministry of Commerce or any of the websites of the portal, he/she agrees to store, process and use that data by us and before the portal and its websites. He agrees that we have the right at all times to disclose any such information to the competent authorities when it is necessary to comply with any government law, order or request.

Fourth: Relationship with Consumer Protection Society's online portal

A defined website benefits from the Consumer Protection Association's web portal. For the purposes of these provisions, the portal and all affiliated websites are designated as an identifier site. If the browser uses a direct application to communicate with us through the benefits available through the Society's portal or other affiliated websites or directly sends us a cartoon mail and as a result provides us with personal data about it, we may share the necessary data with other entities or departments of the portal. (including the data referred to in section III), to serve the browser more effectively, and we will not share the personal data specified in section III with entities other than those mentioned unless required by law or by order of the competent authority.

Fifth: Protect your privacy:

  • In order to help you protect your personal information, we recommend:
  • Contact us immediately when you think someone has been able to obtain your password, usage code, PIN, or any other confidential information.
  • Do not give confidential information via telephone or Internet unless you know the identity of the person or party receiving the information.
  • Use a secure browser when you make online transactions while shutting down unused apps on the network, and make sure the antivirus program is always functional, effective and up-to-date.
  • In case of any queries or opinions about privacy principles, the management of the website "Maref" can be contacted via the contact form on the "Contact Us" page.
  • Ma 'if or the owner is not liable for the data given during any of the sites to which Ma' if refers users or browsers. The sites referred to it follow privacy policies and use methods to protect information that are different from those of Ma 'if. Ma 'arif and the owner disclaim responsibility for all privacy and information security issues related to these sites and advise that they review the privacy provisions and policies adopted on these sites.

Sixth: Sending e-mails:

When you inquire or request information about a specific service or if you give additional information using any of our means of communication, whether electronic or non-electronic We will use your email address to respond to your queries. And it is possible to save your mail address and message and answer them for quality control purposes, and we may do so for legal and regulatory purposes.